What It Is Like to Work as a Copywriter

What It Is Like to Work as a Copywriter

Working as a copywriter may be simple or difficult, but it requires patience, consistency, and hard work to perfect your skills. Copywriting gives both professionals and amateurs room to work on assignments and then get paid for their work after it’s delivered. A copywriter requires basic English skills like proper punctuation, spelling, good grammar to help them work on the network assignments. When starting at copywriting, the pay may not be good for beginners as they are paid between ¢11 and ¢30 for a writing job. Before working as a copywriter, three tests are done, and you have to pass them before getting accepted as a copywriter. You can work as an employee on assigned jobs or make bids with clients directly for higher paying projects.

The network has a work rating based on stars where writers are given ranks from one writer to a five-star writer. Points are awarded for every completed assignment, these points accumulate to move a writer up the levels which determine their star rating. Articles require a word range of between 200 and 1000 words, with references being optional. How jobs are rated by clients influences a copywriter’s rank on the website. Jobs for copywriters with two or three stars pay between ¢50-$1.50 per 500 to 1000 words articles, jobs have deadlines met by the copywriter.

As the rating goes higher, a

Breaking news jobs have one hour limit as they are fast jobs that have to be published within the hour. They pay less for writers below a three-star rating, but four and five-star writers get more money above 4 dollars. Jobs may be returned for modifications to ensure the client gets good quality work. When a job is returned, points are deducted, which slows a copywriter’s progress up the ranks and lowering their star rating from increasing. The website has a writing assistant that points out grammar mistakes, spellings, paragraph lengths, spacing to minimize errors when submitting the work, this increases your work’s accuracy during submission. The readability score helps a copywriter know when they are within the title’s context if the work is readable by native English speakers, increasing the paper’s professionalism.

As the rating goes higher, a copywriter may create connections with clients who may hire him for future articles directly without going through the site. Private projects may pay more money as the copywriter gets to name their price, deposit to their account in deposit, and full pay installments. Jobs are ever-present on the site meaning a copywriter may do endless jobs to increase their account balance. The first withdrawal limit is $1 through PayPal or Bitcoin wallets, but future withdrawals are at a $10 minimum. The positive thing with copywriting is you can withdraw your money at any time to your account, and the waiting duration is short, between 2 to 24hours.

What It Is Like to Work as a Copywriter

Articles on copywriting sites range from topics like art, entertainment, business, fashion, health, games, home planning, gardening, food, drink, education, religion, and fitness. These topics give a copywriter a variety to choose from, but specializing in a single niche may be better because doing articles from a topic improves your knowledge of the topic. Writing skills become better, making it easier to tackle the topic widely. A copywriter is expected to write original works with little plagiarism as highly plagiarized pieces lack originality and reflect poorly on the network. Copywriters could reference the reference section when they use information from external books, sites, or papers.

Patience is key when a copywriter is new on the site as they start earning less as the pay increases with every new job they do. The network is strict on completing claimed jobs as failure to complete a project wastes the client’s time and reflects badly on the network. Work time is flexible as a copywriter does tasks conveniently with no fixed schedule like in regular employment. The messaging segment on the work area helps the copywriter contact a client to clarify when the title seems wide or instructions are not clear. Communicating with clients establishes trust as they get to say how they’d want their piece done, so a copywriter will do their assignment following their instructions, creating client satisfaction.